Product & Care

Where do the materials we use for our products come from?

For our lingerie, we largely use lace that has been rescued or produced in Germany. In many cases, these are deadstock, i.e. leftovers from large orders that would otherwise no longer be processed. Apart from that, patterns or laces from discontinued collections of the industry can also be described as "rescued". The elastic bands that are also used in our lingerie, which are what make the high wearing comfort possible in the first place, are also either saved or made in Germany. In addition to this, we use sliders, rings and hooks in our bras, all of which are produced in the EU. Our metal plates are made in Portugal.

We are particularly proud of our current bestseller, Salvia lace. Lace is normally made exclusively from synthetic fibres. Our Salvia lace, however, contains 40% natural fibres. That is why it feels particularly fine when worn.

Where and how are Soda Lingerie products produced?

All our products are currently made locally and by hand by Maha, Alice and Susa in our cosy studio Maria 33 in Vienna's Sonnwendviertel. We currently share the studio with the two jewellery designers Antonia (onistudio) and Auris (Aurisku), the painter Maria and the graphic designer Verena. Feel free to drop by if you're in the area. Our doors are always open for coffee and a chat :-)

Is there a possibility to try on the Soda Lingerie products?

Of course there is! We are very happy about every visit! :) Every Tuesday from 2pm to 7pm our doors are open for trying on. Just drop us a line to let us know you'd like to come by, so we can always schedule enough time for you.  

Where can I buy Soda Lingerie products?

At the moment you can find our lingerie either at amour fou* (Barnabitengasse 14, 1060 Vienna), in our online shop, or in our studio.

You work in a store/studio, or know a store/studio that might be interested in our products? Are you a retailer looking for new, exciting, locally produced labels? Or would you just like to find Soda in more shops? The best way to get in touch is to send an email to hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: Retail).

I am unsure which size fits me. What should I do?

We all know the situation of having to decide between two clothing sizes. Especially when it comes to underwear, which should be snug but not too tight, this is often not an easy task. That's why it's all the more important to find the perfect size.  

Our suggestion:

  1. Before you measure yourself, it's best to ask yourself: How do you like your underwear? Compact like a tight hug, or snug and light and therefore hardly noticeable?
  2. First, take a look at our size chart. If that doesn't help, we've put together a little measurement and size guide here. It will show you the best way to measure your body.  
  3. Still unsure? Write us either by email (subject: size) or Instagram and we'll help you find the right size.  
  4. Even that didn't help? Then come by our studio to try on our lingerie. Better safe than sorry :)
Our "hosals" (panties) are deliberately designed not to cut in, so they don't leave an annoying mark.

    Are custom-made products possible?

    Our top priority is that you feel good in your body. We believe that matching, beautiful underwear plays an important role here. Who doesn't know the feeling of cutting panties or the relief after taking off the bra?

    Whether wide hips, narrow waists, narrow hips, wide waists, large, small, large bust, small bust... - with Soda we want to take these problems away from you. That's why we offer custom orders with a small surcharge.

    How do I wash my Soda Lingerie products?

      Lingerie - like any piece of clothing - has a limited lifespan. Of course, this also applies to our products. In order to enjoy the comfort of our lingerie for as long as possible, you need two things: high-quality workmanship with durable materials and the right care. You are responsible for the latter:

      Hand washing with mild detergent or soap would be ideal in any case - this saves energy and resources, but takes a little longer. If you like it a bit quicker, you can also clean our laundry in the washing machine with a laundry bag. However, it is important to sort the laundry by colour and to use a mild detergent without bleach. In addition, a gentle and cold washing programme (maximum 20 °C) must be used.

      Apart from that, one more tip: many of our customers feel so comfortable in their soda underwear that they would prefer to wear it all the time. That makes us very happy, of course! :) However, we recommend that you don't always wear the same pieces, so that the material can recover and keep its shape. 

      My product is showing signs of age. What can I do?

        We do everything we can to make our products last as long as possible. If your underwear is showing signs of age, for example if the slider on our bras is broken or an elastic has worn out, the best way to contact us is to send an email to hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: repair) including pictures. If your product is salvageable, we will then ask you to either send it to us by post (in which case you will have to pay for the postage) or bring it directly to our studio. In the case of small items, we will take care of the repair.



        How do you choose your materials?

          We are constantly exploring new materials and sustainable options for our underwear. We currently use mostly recycled textiles or textiles produced in the EU according to OEKO-TEX standards. We focus on a high percentage of natural fibres in the laces used to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. The materials listed below should give you an overview of which materials can be found in the textiles we use.

          Elastane EL

          Elastane is an elastic synthetic fibre that is extremely stretchy and keeps its shape for a long time. A certain amount of elastane in the fabric is therefore necessary for almost all comfortable underwear. The material moulds itself to your body.

          Polyamide PA / PA6.6

            Polyamides (plastic fibres) give fabrics elasticity and help keep them in shape. They are characterised by great resistance. A great advantage of polyamides is that they can be recycled.  

            Viscose CV

            The basis for viscose is cellulose, which is a natural raw material. Cellulose can basically be obtained from any plant - fibres from beech, eucalyptus, bamboo are processed into viscose by chemical methods. This gives them similar properties to cotton. Viscose is easy to care for, pleasant on the skin and regulates moisture.

            Cotton CO

              Cotton is often used for clothing and underwear. Due to its strong absorbency, the material has a moisture-regulating effect and allows you to wear it comfortably and dry. Apart from that, cotton fibres are hard-wearing, heat-resistant and durable. Especially when it comes to underwear that lies directly on your skin, it is important to use materials that are as skin-friendly as possible and have the lowest possible allergy potential. This is the only way we can ensure that you can enjoy our underwear for as long as possible. Since cotton only has limited elasticity by nature, we usually add a small amount of elastane (see above).

              Order & shipping

              How can I order?

                You can order directly from our online shop. If you need a special size or custom-made products, please contact us by e-mail at hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: special order). Any other questions about the products or sizes are of course always welcome!  

                How can I change my order?

                  Normal orders (products from the online shop without special requests) can be changed until they are shipped. Please contact us by e-mail (subject: order + order number).  

                  Special orders can only be changed to a very limited extent - more precisely, until the start of work. In this case, please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail (subject: order + order number) and we will see what we can do together.  

                  How much does shipping cost?

                    Shipping is usually 4€ in Austria and 10€ to other EU countries (incl. tracking, not insured). Shipping to non-EU countries costs 40€.

                    In Austria, shipping is free from an order value of 100€, in the rest of the EU from 160€.  

                    Where does Soda Lingerie ship to?

                      We currently ship to all EU countries. 

                      (You live outside the EU but would still like to order? Write us an email and we'll see what we can do! :) )

                      Which shipping companies does Soda Lingerie use?

                        At the moment we only ship with the Austrian Post.

                        How long does shipping take on average?

                          Basically, we state that the internal process and shipping from your order takes approximately between 15 and 20 days.

                          Why so long? Our underwear is lovingly handmade by Maha, Alice and Susanna in our Vienna workshop. As we only have a limited number of each size in stock, it can sometimes take a little longer for your order to be processed. Special orders can also take a little longer. If you need your underwear very urgently, please email us directly after placing your order at hello@sodalingerie.com.  

                          My product has not arrived. What should I do?

                            Unfortunately, we cannot refund lost packages.

                            How are my products packed?

                              Our products are lovingly packaged in tissue paper from Embacollage. All bows used are "rescued" bows. Our tip: Both the tissue paper and the bow are perfect to reuse for gifts! :)


                              Which payment methods are currently available?

                              We currently offer the common payment methods Paypal, credit card and bank transfer.

                              I have a voucher. How can I redeem it?

                                To redeem your voucher, place the products you want in the shopping basket. You can then redeem the voucher code at the checkout. The amount will be automatically deducted from the value of your shopping basket. 


                                The Soda Lingerie product I ordered doesn't fit or I don't like it. What can I do about it?

                                  If you either don't like your lingerie, it doesn't fit or it simply doesn't meet your expectations, you can...

                                  1. contact us within 14 days of receiving the product, if the product doesn't fit. You will then have the option of either exchanging the size or having the product adjusted to fit your body exactly. In this case, you will only have to pay the shipping costs.
                                  2. return it to us within 14 days of receipt, if you don't like the product. The return shipping costs must be paid by you.

                                  As soon as we have received the goods, we will refund your purchase price excl. shipping to your chosen payment method.

                                  Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on custom-made items. However, to give the underwear a second chance, you could sell/give it away and make someone else happy! :)

                                  Another important note: We can only take back unworn underwear. Accordingly, we ask you to always try our underwear with your own underwear on for the first time.

                                  Are returns free of charge?

                                    No, you have to pay the return shipping costs. As a small label, we unfortunately cannot afford to include return shipping costs.

                                    However, we would like to point out that it is of course also possible to bring the underwear to our studio or to sell it/give it away. Apart from that, if you have any questions about the size, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                                    I received my Soda Lingerie product and it is damaged. Who can I contact?

                                      Please document with photos what the package looks like or what the damage is. Then send us the photos by email to hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: Damaged product) and we will find a solution as soon as possible!


                                      I would like to cancel my order. How can I do that?

                                        Send us an email at hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: cancellation). Alternatively, you can find more information in our cancellation conditions.

                                        Data protection

                                        What data is stored via our website?

                                          In accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO), every customer has the right to inspect the data stored about them. Furthermore, this data can be deleted upon request (e-mail to hello@sodalingerie.com, subject: DSGVO).

                                          In principle, the data stored is that which is necessary for the processing of orders: Contact details, activities, orders, invoices. For marketing purposes, and to understand our customers even better, we also use the Google Analytics analysis tool. For example, the type of device you use to access our website or the country and city you are in at the time of use are stored.  

                                          You can find more detailed information in our Privacy Policy

                                          Where can I find more detailed information about the tracking tools Soda Lingerie uses?

                                            For more detailed information about the tracking tools we use, how we handle your data, and your options, please see our Privacy Policy.


                                            I would like to offer Soda Lingerie products in my (online) shop/store. Who should I contact?

                                              Thank you for your interest! Please contact us by e-mail (subject: Retail). You can then receive a folder with our current collection, if required. 

                                              I would like to cooperate with Soda Lingerie as an influencer. Who do I contact?

                                                We currently only work with very few influencers. If you are interested in our products, please contact us by email at hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: Influencer) for further information.

                                                I would like to borrow Soda Lingerie products for shoots or similar. Is that possible? Who do I contact?

                                                  Of course you can! Please look for the right models directly in our online shop. Please write us an e-mail to hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: borrow products) BEFORE you place your order, stating that you would like to borrow the products for a shooting or similar. If we do not receive such an email, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the products. Once you have returned the products to us and they have arrived safely, we will refund your order. However, you will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

                                                  I would like to take pictures in Soda Lingerie underwear, but I am not an influencer. Is that still possible?
                                                    Absolutely! We want to see lots of different, real bodies with all their facets and peculiarities in our underwear! If this sounds exciting to you, please send us an email to hello@sodalingerie.com (subject: Real Bodies) with photos of you and a short text about why you would like to shoot with us.