From setting up our webshop, to creating logos, images and even this letter, Soda is the work of a group of helping hands, that have supported us over the past three years.

We are trying something that very few have tried in recent years: bringing part of the textile value chain back to Central Europe.

That's the reason we produce every single piece of lingerie in our studio in Vienna.
That's the reason we buy our materials from local manufacturers.
That's the reason we do everything we can to be a good employer for our team of eight.

That's the reason Soda exists

  • People behind soda

    Production, marketing, development, team brunches, lots of podcasts in the studio and looking after our soda shop - here are the people who take on all of that.

  • Founders Susanna & Severin

    Susanna as the creative and Severin as the economic part behind Soda