Why we think Soda has a right to exist

Can you imagine the process behind creating a panty or a bra?
Not until too long ago we did not have an idea ourselves.

Ever since we have started Soda, we have learned a tiny bit about this industry every single day. We now know that size matters a lot, since everything is much cheaper in larger quantities. However, we have also learned that larger quantities mean a large share of clothes that won’t be sold.

That’s why we focus on one thing that we are good at: sewing lingerie in our studio in Vienna. Lingerie does not take a lot of space and working with laces is something we have become pretty good at over the last three years. Additionally, we can produce only what we need and this means no leftover items that are not sold.

We believe that a shirt that costs only a few Euros should not exist. Knowing the amount of time it takes and the resources you have to use to create one shirt, the real price behind it must be much higher. We try to go a different path by producing everything locally with as little harm to the environment as possible. If one of our pieces gets worn out our a seam fails, we do everything to repair our own pieces … and also other brands, if we have the required materials in stock.

So yes, we still need to sell something to be a viable business. But we are doing everything to go a different way with as little harm to the environment as possible.

This is why we believe that Soda has a right to exist.

  • People behind soda

    Production, marketing, development, team brunches, lots of podcasts in the studio and looking after our soda shop - here are the people who take on all of that.

  • Founders Susanna & Severin

    Susanna as the creative and Severin as the economic part behind Soda