Lingerie - such a natural companion, so delicate and fine,
and yet such a great effect with the right one.
Every body shape knows it when it fits exactly as it should - without cutting in or pinching.

Whether it's brushing your teeth in front of the mirror in the morning, slipping on your favourite trousers, on the way to work, gossiping with a friend in a café, dancing wildly in a club, sitting at the table on a date, cozying up in bed watching a film, or just for you in the sun by the window with a piece of chocolate in your mouth.

We want to give you this feeling. 

That is one of the reasons why we do lingerie.
The other is to create awareness for more sustainability in the textile industry.

Unfortunately, the industry is very intransparent, hardly any production takes place in Central Europe. The sewing process is very far away, unapproachable - can you imagine sewing in a factory? 
In our studio you can see which machines are needed for the production of lingerie, you can look at our fingers when the individual elements are cut, sewn together, ironed. The metal plate is sewn on by hand, the tags are attached. 
We are happy to tell you where we source our materials from. Especially with "deadstock" lace, it's a treasure hunt and often a lucky find.

As our Loungewear is being sewn and produced in Portugal near Porto, it is important to us to still show the process as transparent as possible. We worke with a small factory, which is founded and led by a woman.