Where we produce

Can you imagine what a sewing factory looks like from the inside?

Sewing machines close together, poor ventilation and hardly any natural light are still not uncommon in the textile industry. On top there are very strict speed requirements for the individual seamstresses.

We're trying to go a different way
Our studio does not look like a sewing factory and isn't one.
Not much larger than a 4-room apartment, it is located in a studio building in Vienna's 10th district.
Furnished more like a living studio with a kitchen, there are no more than a handful of special sewing machines.

A disadvantage?

Yes and no

Yes, because manufacturing abroad would probably be cheaper.
Yes, because our margins would certainly be higher.

No, because this way we only produce what we can sell.
No, because we create jobs with meaning.
No, because we have the quality of our products in our own hands.

.. and the most important:
No, because this way we don't produce leftover stock that ends up in a landfill.

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