Our promise for your Soda lingerie

We try to make the right and even more importantly the sustainable step in everything we do. This is reflected in the selection of our materials, the (often more complex but more durable) processing and our consistent quality control.

Nevertheless, no product lasts forever - not even our Soda pieces. In order to extend the lifespan of our lingerie as much as possible, we offer a free repair service for every part concerning our workmanship. This means we guarantee everything we have control over during production. An example would be a seam that comes loose over time.

A distinction is made between the age-related wear and tear of your lingerie. This could be an elastic that is wearing out, or the lace that is becoming a little wider. In these cases too, we offer a repair service if possible. However, we will charge a small amount based on a prior cost estimate to cover our additional work.