All our pieces are made locally in our Viennese atelier in the innovative Sonnwendviertel by Corrina, Fanny and Susanna. In this way, we want to give society back its connection to the production of clothing.


Our loungewear made of 100 percent organic cotton is sewn in a small production in Portugal, near Porto. Silvia, the founder, has been running the production for over ten years.

Silvia originally studied law and discovered her passion for textiles when she helped out in her aunt's textile business.

Today, the production has about 60 employees, including many part-time workers and mothers. Silvia is also a mother of a young child herself.

On site in Portugal, it was a dream to see machines in action that make many work steps very efficient. For example, a cutting system with integrated CAD, doesn't necessarily sound sexy, but it is for us. You can cut up to 3 cm of fabric layers at the same time.