How to measure

Here we will explain to you how you can easily get your exact body measurements.

What you need for this:

a mirror,
a tailor's tape measure

whatever works:
the front camera of your smartphone,
a tape that you can then measure with a rolling meter/ruler.

What applies to all dimensions:

Always make sure that your tape measure remains horizontal when measuring and measures the entire circumference of each part of the body. Use the mirror or camera on your smartphone to keep the measuring tape level.
Always pay attention to the exact name of the body measurement that we use in our size guides ("upper hip circumference" and "hips", for example, sound very similar, but they are not)

Our size guide uses the following body measurements:

Upper chest circumference
The circumference is measured from the highest point of your chest.


Lower chest circumference
The measurement is taken directly under your chest. Don't forget about normal breathing


Upper hip circumference
The measurement is taken directly on your hip bone, i.e. roughly where your pants will later sit


Measurements are taken at the narrowest part of the waist


Measurements are taken at the strongest part of the hip