Find your softbra size

(1) I usually find the right size very quickly

In many cases, at least two cup sizes fit with our bras. The normal size nestles snugly against your skin, the larger gives a bit of a retro vibe with a more loose fit.

Here is a brief overview of our cup sizes:

A and small B: XS or S for the retro vibe
B and small C: S or M for the retro vibe
C and small D: L or XL for the retro vibe
D: XL or help us test the retro vibe and write us at

If you have a larger lower chest circumference (80/85 in our sizes), the sizes "shift upwards". A and a small B turn into an S or M for a retro vibe. 

The lower chest measurements of our softbras are similar to those of other labels. For in-between sizes we recommend the smaller lower chest size, as the material still softens a little with time.

Still not sure which size fits you? Then check out the steps below.

(2) When shopping online, I usually use my body measurements to find the right size

In our tutorial you will find short instructions on how to measure your body.

The table below shows you the right cup size depending on your body size. 

your upper chest circumference 76 - 84 82 - 90 88 - 96 93 - 102 99 - 108


The only thing missing for the perfect size is your lower chest circumference. If this is between 75 and 80, consider whether you prefer your lingerie to be like a tight hug or so loose that you don't even feel it.
Since the material will expand slightly over time,
we recommend choosing the smaller size up to 78 cm.

Is your lower chest circumference larger than 90? Write to us at and we will mark you as a guinea pig for future tests

(3) Still unsure?

Come by the studio or send us an email.