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Soda Lingerie

Gemstone Rosenquarz

Gemstone Rosenquarz

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made in Germany

Our gemstones are polished in a small 150-year-old factory in Germany. The owner himself selects the gemstones on his travels to the respective countries of origin.


Our gemstones are polished in Germany

100.0 gemstone

Since it is a natural product, each stone looks different.


Be sure to put the swimwear decorated with the gemstones in a laundry bag to avoid breaking in the washing machine

Polished in Germany.
Find more information about the origin of our gemstones above


Only available for our spaghetti triangles.

We string the gemstones for you.
Depending on the number of gemstones, the arrangement can be seen in the pictures.



If you order more than one spaghetti triangle, please specify your desired assignment (which gemstones to which triangle) in the "special order instructions" before checkout.



In our shop you can combine the gemstones as you wish.

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